Adams talks UK commitment

South Forsyth (Ga.) High School athlete Brian Adams picked up his first scholarship offer a little less than two weeks ago from the University of Kentucky and it did not take him long to determine that that's where he wanted to take his talents to on the next level. Adams discusses his commitment right here.
Adams made his intentions known to Wildcat staff two days ago and the news excited them.
"I called Coach Phillips first but he was on vacation so he didn't answer, so I called the main office and talked to Coach Ortmayer," Adams stated. "I told him and the next day I called back and he put me on the line with Coach Phillips. They were very excited and I was glad to see that."
Adams chose Kentucky over another SEC program and admits it was not an easy decision.
"I had to choose between Kentucky and Vanderbilt," he said. "Vanderbilt was a good program but I just thought Kentucky was right for me. It was a really tough decision. I felt like both programs were great. Obviously Vanderbilt is very prestigious but I just felt like Kentucky was the right fit," he detailed.
Kentucky jumped on Adams early and was the first school to offer, something that ended up working in their favor.
"Coach Phillips came and saw me way back," he said. "I remember I was sitting in my AP Biology class just sitting there and Coach Rider, last year's quarterbacks coach, came in and got me and brought me by Coach Phillips—he wasn't allowed to say hey—but he kind of just pointed me down the hall and I was able to see that Kentucky was there obviously, and I was very impressed that that major of a college was coming to see me. It shocked me and I was very excited."
"[They've] been great to me. [They were] obviously the first school to offer me which meant a lot to me."