New in-state offer for 2009 Baldwin star

Milledgeville (GA) Baldwin High School's Corico Hawkins is a very talented Class of 2009 linebacker who is being pursued by a host of big time college programs. One in-state school threw their hat in the ring recently and he talked with about the offer and his recruitment.
"I picked up an offer from Georgia Tech two weeks ago," he revealed.
He talks about how it the offer was extended.
"Really, I was supposed to go up there on Junior Day. Coach Johnson was going to offer me himself but since I didn't go because my coach's son had got sick, we called him and he called Coach Smith, who recruits in this area, and he picked up the phone with Coach Johnson and they told me that they'd be offering me for my senior year."
With one in-state offer in tow, is Hawkins expecting one from the other in-state program?
"Georgia has not made any effort to contact me or invite me to anything," he admitted.
In addition to his latest offer, Hawkins has offers from Auburn and Florida among others and he says he hears from the two programs on a regular basis.
Hawkins talks about what he will be basing his decision on.
"It's going to come down to where I feel comfortable; if I can play in that system, the system that the defensive coordinator is running; how many games did this team win? Are they willing to play the best teams; are they one of the best teams in their conference? Those are the types of things I'll be looking for."
With his senior season still months away, he discusses some of the areas he'll be looking to improve in between now and then.
"Of course speed is a factor. With all these fast running backs that's coming up every year; I'll be working on my footwork. As far as size, height, weight-I'm not that tall but I can't to do nothing about that but I guess speed and quickness," he said.
With time on his side, the 6'0, 218 standout linebacker is not in a hurry to make a decision.
"I really don't know," Hawkins said when asked if he had a decision timeframe in mind. "Just like two weeks ago I got an offer from Georgia Tech. In the next two weeks, you never know, I might get an offer from USC or somebody."